Acharya Chinmoy Lahiri

Among the best-known Calcutta-based Khayal singers in the third quarter of the 20th century, was a great experimentalist who created a style of his own. His proficiency in fast Sargams and Taans are remarkable. Throughout his life Pandit Chinmoy Lahiri experimented on different forms & techniques of music which has spanned the areas of music motifs and ideas and created altogether a new genre of music. To him goes the credit of introducing 'Bangla Ragapradhan' songs. He created several new Ragas like Shyamkosh, Probhatitodi, Gandharika, etc. He left his mark in the field of music direction of contemporary films as well. 

The Bengali song "Tribeni Tirthapathey" tuned by him became very popular. He was a great teacher. Most successful Bengali musicians of the 1960's & 1970's owe their depth of perception of music to him. For a brief period, he was a professor of Rabindrabharati University. He composed innumerable number of Bandishes in Hindi & Bengali and is the author of the book "Magangeet o Taan Manjari", written in eight volumes.

Pandit Shyamal Lahiri

Son of Late Sangeet Acharya Pt.Chinmoy Lahiri is an exponent of  Hindusthani Classical Music and the foremost torch-bearer of his father's Gharana. His love for music, determination, spontaneity and devotion to improvisation of this art and of course long hours of tutelage under his illustrious father, helped him achieve a lot in the field of pure and light classical music. He has been giving regular public performances of Khayals, Thumris, Bhajans and Gazals all over the country and has been warmly received by the musical community for his gifted resonant voice and timbre. He is an accomplished artist of the day who always remains very analytical while performing and has a definite vision regarding the rendition of the musical notes, improvised in his unique style. His ability and power to bridge the gap between the artist and the masses, enriched with an essence of Hindusthani Classical Music is a personal trait and exclusivity developed over an extended period of time.

Sri. Subinoy Roy

Science graduate from Calcutta University and a graduate in Rabindrasangeet from Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan  has received individualized training from the Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore himself. He has published "Rabindrasangeet Sadhana", a recommended text at Visva-Bharati University, Rabindra Bharati University and numerous affiliated Tagore institutions in India. He is a member of the "Experts Committee" at Visva-Bharati Music Board in Calcutta, that approves Rabindrasangeet prior to market release and a member of the Central Audition Board for All India Radio - New Delhi. Subinoy Roy has received the "Rabindratattacharya" title from Tagore Research Institute of Calcutta. He is a recipient of the "West Bengal Academy Award" and the "Suva Guhathakurta Award" for his contribution in the field of Rabindrasangeet and is currently associated with the West Bengal State Music Academy that provides guidance to the promising young talents and advanced students of Rabindra Sangeet.

Smt. Maya Sen

One of the most renowned Rabindra Sangeet Artist and teacher. In 1953, the Sangitbhawan of Shantiniketan produced the Dhrupadi artist of Tagore songs as a graduate, Smt. Maya Sen, disciple of  Rabindra Sangeetacharya Late Sailajaranjan Majumder, Classical Music from V.V.Wajhalwar. Her hands kept the style of Ashesh Chandra Banerjee in Sitar & Esraj. In kolkata she started her career as a professor of Rabindra Sangeet, at first at the Jorasanko Thakurbari - Academy of dance & music & then at Rabindra Bharati University and retired in 1993 as the head of the department. Still at the age of 80 plus, she is engaged in training students of Rabindrasangeet.


All my Teachers of 'Gitabitan', a renowned Music Institution in Kolkata. I will take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Sri. Tarun Mitra, Sri. Malay Roy, Sri.Sourin Roy, Sri. Asish Bhattacharyya, Sri. Mandar Bose, Smt. Chhanda Sengupta, Smt. Ruma Dasgupta, Smt. Aditi Sengupta and Smt. Kamala Das, who helped me  to learn how to sing, how to make and study notations and many other technicalities of learning, understanding and performing Rabindrasangeet, rather music as a whole.

Sri. Kabir Suman

Kabir Suman, also known as Suman Chattapadhyay, is a modern Bengali singer, songwriter, musician, music director, poet, journalist, political activist, TV presenter, and occasional actor. He shot to fame in the 1990s with the album Tomake Chai (I Want You) and encouraged every Bengali to start listening and thinking about Bengali Songs. His contemporary urban, socially conscious songs draw upon both Bengali Adhunik (modern) and Western Folk and Protest Music. His work has been a major influence in the development of the Bengali songs, which has grown to become a major movement in contemporary Bengali music. Most of his songs are played solo with just a piano, synthesizer or a guitar. His primary training was in Indian Classical Music and Rabindrasangeet, and he picked up Western Folk forms while living abroad in Germany and the United States. 

Presently, Sri. Kabir Suman is doing a serious work relating to Bangla Khayal, which is also written and composed by himself.

This is a new way of learning for me. It’s not just about learning a song, but also about learning music, feeling the presence of music in almost everything and everywhere.

My School

New Alipore Multipurpose and all my Teachers, who helped me  to learn how to think, how to dream, how to become a good human being. Whatever I am today is  because of their sincere efforts to groom us  to face life with honesty and courage.

Sujoy Sarkar

Sujoy Sarkar. My Friend, my inspiration for music. I started singing again after a long span of almost 5 years, only due to him. Sujoy came from a decent cultured family of Sonarpur. I had met him on October 2nd, 2004 for the first time and since then he started inspiring me to continue with my music. Sujoy met with a bike accident on November 4th, 2006. He battled for his life for more than 6 months and finally passed away on  May 23rd, 2007.

Sri. Biman Mukhopadhyay

Biman Mukhopadhyay was a man who had dedicated his life for the betterment of Bengali songs. He was often called as 'Living Encyclopedia of Old and Traditional Bengali Music'. Another legendary singer Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh in a function organized by Rajya Sangeet Academy in the year 1970 gave this honour to him. In a programme 'Kathay O Sure' telecasted by Doordarsban, famous singer Late Manabendra Mukhopadhyay, also a close friend of Sri Biman Mukhopadhyay, described him as 'Living Directory of Songs'. In the year 1954 - 55, he joined His Masters Voice (HMV) as a Trainer. Almost all the eminent singers of that era have recorded their songs under his training. Many of the renowned artists of present days learned Bengali songs from the celebrated teacher.


I got many opportunities to the trend of post 90s Bengali songs through Sri Subhendu Maity. Got many opportunity to participate in many private musical events and also many big events like Haldia Utsav. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Subhendu Da. Working with Pratul Mukhopadhyay was also a fulfilling experience – his presence, his presence, his rendition, inspired, influenced and enriched me to a great extent.

And finally, my heartiest gratitude to all my well-wishers, friends, colleagues, accompanists, recordists and all who have encouraged me to move on with my music so far.


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