My musical journey so far.....

I have grown up in a musical atmosphere. My father Bibhuti Nath Gupta was my first Guru. He taught me basics of Indian Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet, songs of Kazi Nazrul and Himangshu Dutta.

At the age of 15, I went to train under Acharya Chinmoy Lahiri, a well-known personality, performer and trainer of Indian Classical Music. After his demise, I got training from his son Sri. Shyamal Lahiri.

Later I got trained  in  Tagore Songs, where my Gurus  were Sri Subinoy Roy and  Smt. Maya Sen. I was associated with 'Indira' a well-known Musical Group of Kolkata for a couple of years where I got the opportunity to learn some songs from Smt. Ritu Guha, Sri. Arghya Sen. I am holding a "Geetabharati" Degree from 'Gitabitan', a renowned Institution in Kolkata.

To get formal Training in Contemporary Bengali Songs I went to Sri. Biman Mukhopadhyay, though for a very short period of time.  With the passing time I had to disassociate myself from the musical aspect of my life, to focus on profession and family more.

I perform Rabindrasangeet and other Bengali songs. Some of my mentionable performances are – Haldia Utsab, Kasba Utsab, Birth Centenary Celebration of Soumendra Nath Tagore, West Bengal Book Fair. I also performed in  programmes with Sri Subhendu Maity , Smt. Sanghamitra Gupta, Sri Pratul Mukhopadhyay. My songs have been broadcasted from All India Radio and Doordarshan on behalf of Gitabitan. I was also interviewed in some musical talk shows on leading FM Radio Channels.

After a break of almost two decades, I managed to start learning again. Fortunately I got the opportunity to meet Sri. Kabir Suman and since November 2015, I am learning music from him.  This is a new way of learning for me. Not just learning a song or a Raga, it’s about learning to see Music itself in a different way. It’s re-discovering music from many different aspects, knowing the links and references within a song or a composition, feeling the presence of music in almost everything and everywhere.

Aangey Bajichhe Banshi

My first and sole CD album "Aangey Bajichhe Banshi" was released from Ananyo Music with co-artist Smt. Sara Chattopadhyay in 2012. 
Below the clips of the songs from the album. (© Ananyo Music)

Aaji Bijon Ghorey

Biswa Jakhon Nidramagan

Kushumey Kushumey Charano Chinho

Sunil Sagorer Shyamal Kinarey

Madhuro Tomar Shesh Je Na Paai

Chiniley Na Aamare Ki